Mr. Suresh Narayanan for Basic Robotics

Course Duration

8 Hours (2 Days)

Course Overview

To learn about Drone Industry or Basic Robotics, Basic Drone System and Operating, Basic Robotics.

Course Materials

Skywalk Provides Drone for Outdoor and Indoor practical Training, Simulator Training.

  • Pre-Course Material and Freebies When Enroll
  • Book Material and test material


The following resources are used to make this Drone Training Program

  • Online
  • Offline materials

Course Schedule

Day 1 Basic Drone System and Operating A detail introduction about All
Day 2 Basic Robots Basic Robots Intro

Exam Schedule

Day 1 Basic Qualified Test
Day 2 UAV Test
Day 3 Over All Test and Certification

Homework Policy

Make them  know additional knowledge about Drone Brands, Future Technologies.

Course Qualification

  • Minimum 10th STD
  • Candidate should be studied English Subject at School
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